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you need an advertising strategy that’s optimized to deliver maximum revenue and a standout viewer experience.


CTV Monetization @Scale

A CTV video AD marketplace can help you fill as much of your ad inventory as possible for the highest CPM. Vidmovin Video ad marketplaces—which work with multiple DSPs and SSPs—allow ad buyers and sellers to trade impressions at scale.

  • Total ad load
  • Ad placement
  • Device type
  • Geographic region
  • AD Analytics
  • Content length

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We Provide Useful Services

CTV ad inventory

Connects your ad inventory with more sources of demand

CTV ad inventory

Aggregates your ad inventory into a larger pool that's more attractive to ad buyers

CTV auctions @Scale

Creates more competitive auctions for your ad inventory

#Any platforms, devices, and ad formats

Monetizes your ad inventory across a variety of platforms, devices, and ad formats

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Depending on the nature and maturity of your AVOD business, you can have a video ad marketplace handle your entire inventory or just unsold inventory.

  • Header Bidding
  • Content Metadata
  • Timeout Setting
  • Ad Tags
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Grow your AVOD business

AVOD success requires maximizing ad revenue while delivering a streaming experience that keeps audiences tuned in and coming back. To optimize your ad monetization strategy, consider enlisting a partner that provides:

Samsung Tizen 50%
LG WebOS 83%
Android TV 87%

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