Samsung TV Plus Guide: Channel List, Free Content, Pros, Cons, and more… (Sep 2023 update)

Free streaming is taking the world by storm. In the past few years, multiple platforms have emerged that offer free content to their users. Samsung TV Plus is one of the pivotal ones among them. This streaming service by Samsung offers over 250 free channels to viewers in 24 countries across the globe.

This streaming service can be accessed over the web. However, the Samsung TV Plus app is currently available only on some specific smart TVs and smartphones manufactured by Samsung.

In this blog, we will tell you about the channels available on Samsung TV Plus, what type of free content they offer, the pros and cons of this platform, and everything else that you need to know! So, let’s begin!

What is Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is a video streaming platform developed by Samsung. Though its application is currently catering to Samsung smart TVs and some Samsung Galaxy smartphones only, it is believed to be the first step taken by Samsung toward entering the “Free-to-Air” video streaming market.

It is an amazing and unique streaming platform that blends the best of both on-demand and live TV streaming. So, if you download Samsung TV Plus, you will get access to over 250 live TV channels, which means you literally don’t have to pay for satellite television anymore. But that’s not all! You also get thousands of movies and on-demand content. And you don’t have to pay anything for any content.

When Was Samsung TV Plus Launched?

Back in 2015, Samsung started a video streaming platform that used to give access to videos on a rental basis. Initially, it was available only in the US and served only Samsung smart TVs.

Slowly, it turned into a full-fledged Free Ad-Supported Streaming (FAST) service. Nowadays, it comes pre-installed with many Samsung smart TVs.

Is Samsung TV Plus Free?

Yes, Samsung TV Plus is a completely free ad-supported streaming platform. If you are not aware of the FAST platforms, then, let me tell you that these platforms offer you free content. Hence, you won’t have to pay any subscription fees to access their content. But, they will insert ads into the content, through which they will earn revenues. Such a type of OTT revenue model is called AVOD.

Which TVs support Samsung TV Plus?

Currently, only smart TVs developed by Samsung support Samsung TV Plus. Here, OS is not that important, the brand is important. For example, Samsung TV Plus is available in the Google Play Store, but it cannot be downloaded on all devices. Also, it comes pre-installed in some of the Samsung Tizen smart TVs.

However, if you are using a Samsung Smart TV model that was manufactured before 2016, you might have trouble accessing this app.

Which Countries Can Access Samsung TV Plus?

Currently, Samsung TV Plus is available in the following countries:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States
  3. Spain
  4. Korea
  5. Canada
  6. Ireland
  7. Germany
  8. Austria
  9. Switzerland
  10. France
  11. Italy
  12. Denmark
  13. Brazil
  14. Australia
  15. Belgium
  16. Finland
  17. Mexico
  18. Netherlands
  19. Portugal
  20. Sweden
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Norway
  23. India
  24. New Zealand

Hopefully, more countries will be added to this list in the near future!

Samsung TV Plus Channel List

Before we begin this channel list, we would like you to note down the following points:

  • Samsung TV Plus offers free access to many local TV channels. Hence, the channel list for one country will be completely different from another country. Here, we have developed the channel list for the United States (US).
  • Since there are over 200 channels, it is not possible to mention all of them here. So, we have picked the most popular ones from all the categories. However, you can access the entire list of channels here.
  • We have not covered the local news channels in this list. We have covered only those channels that are relevant to the entire nation. However, the list of local news channels can be accessed here.

The most popular channels available on Samsung TV Plus in the US are listed below:

Channel CategoryChannel Name
News And OpinionCBS News
Live Now (FOX)
ABC News Live
NBC News Now
USA Today
Bloomberg TV Plus
CNN Replay
Stories by AMC
TV Land Drama
BET Pluto TV
Drama Life
Bounce XL
Fox Soul
Dove Channel
Holly Wires
Rotten Tomatoes
CrimeCrime Zone
Crime 360
ION Mystery
Court TV
Forensic Files
SportsCBS Sports HQ
BeIN Sports Extra
BBC Top Gear
Fubo Sports Network
MoviesThe Movie Hub
FilmRise Free Movies
Paramount Movie Channel
Hallmark Movies and More
Cinevault Classics
KidsPBS Kids
Nick Pluto TV
Moonbug Kids
Science and NatureHistory & Warfare
Love Nature 4K
Modern Marvels

Samsung TV Plus: Pros and Cons

Like every streaming service, Samsung TV Plus also has some pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of them.


  • It is a completely free-to-stream platform. So, it will save you a great number of bucks.
  • Samsung TV Plus has a huge collection of channels that caters to almost every genre that you can remember.
  • It does not require any other additional device. You just need a stable internet connection to access it.


  • It is available only on selected Samsung devices.
  • It is available only in 24 countries in the world.
  • Each country has its own channel list. Hence, a US viewer cannot view Indian content, and vice versa.


To Sum Up

Samsung TV Plus is a free ad-supported streaming platform developed by Samsung, for some specific Samsung devices. It is currently available in 24 countries only, and each nation has its own set of content.

But, with the growth of free streaming, platforms like Samsung TV Plus are expected to grow exponentially in the near future. That is why, it is the right time to develop your own free streaming platform too!


What is Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is a free video streaming service that offers many live channels and on-demand movies to users of specific Samsung smart TVs and smartphones. These users can access this content absolutely free of cost.

How do I access Samsung TV Plus?

If you have a device that supports Samsung TV Plus, you can download the app from the Play Store. Also, many Samsung smart TVs have this app built-in.

How many free channels are on Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus gives access to more than 250 free TV channels and movies.

What can I watch on Samsung TV Plus?

On Samsung TV Plus, you can watch everything from movies, news, comedy, cooking, science, and nature-related content to kids’ shows and animes.


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